Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wacky Tuesday and banquet photos!!!

First in response to my comments from yesterday:

@Amandakiska: I buy Chobani greek yogurt and it has the crushed pineapple in it. I have only seen Chobani at one of our local gorcery stores. None of the larger stores carry it around here but it is my absolute favorite flavor other than the Dannon Honey greek yogurt.

@Drazil: Yes, I do have the Biggest Loser game for the wii. I don't use it nearly enough but it is tons of fun!!! I want the new fitness wii game by Jenny McCarthy. It comes with a webcam and actually tells you if you are doing the moves correctly. AWESOME!!! I might order that for myself for Christmas!!!

Ok So here are few of the banquet pics. I apologize they are fuzzy because I they are pictures of pictures. I have been trying to get the pics from email but it's not working so this will have to do.

This is me attempting the limbo, shoes off and all! haha

Me and the hubby in front of the tree.

Me and the bestie Mary.

Me accepting my 5 year service award from the bank president

Ok so here's a funny. It's not band related so feel free to skip this part if ya want! Well as I have a said before the department I work in is only 2 people, me and the other Jessica. We decorate quite a bit our little space for every holiday/season. We have spent quite a bit of money on doing this so we value our decorations. Well we had 2 plaid and gold trimmed Christmas bows hanging on each side of our joint cubicle. Jessica noticed earlier this morning that our bows were gone! I immediately get frantic and start looking around because surely someone didn't have the audacity to take something of mine that I bought. But no luck, they weren't misplaced by the janitor or anything either. So out goes the mass email to the entire bank letting whoever the culprit was know that those were paid for by me and that I expect them to be returned. Well that started all kinds of drama and everyone was coming up asking if we found them yet or not. Finally one of the bank officers (been here over 20 years) comes up and tells Jessica that she took our bows thinking they belonged to the decorations the bank buys. Well it was a big to-do and we got them back. It's a pretty funny thing around here now. Everyone keeps laughing and joking about how mad I get when people touch my stuff. This isn't the first time I've had to send out an email about things being missing from our dept.  

On a band note: I did weigh this morning, I won't say what the scale said but it was a slight gain and I am irritated but I realize some of the meals I ate over the weekend probably caught up with me this morning. So I am just telling myself that it will go back down and then some this week! Right on!!!

Menu today:

Breakfast: click shake and chai spice hot tea with french vanilla coffemate powder= 180calories
Lunch: 6" blackforest ham and turkey sandwich on wheat from Subway. I added tomatoes, pickles, 1 tbsp mayo and 2 tbsp of mustard. It was yum and = 350 calories
Snack: Chobani pineapple yogurt with 1 tbsp walnuts= 203calories
Dinner: Not sure yet but I have 567 calories left to meet my daily goal of 1300 so it will be something high protein and low carb since I ate bread at lunch.

Water 96oz
Exercise: Biggest Loser on the wii most likely. I forgot I had the game until Drazil asked if I work out with the wii....haha I have to go grocery shopping after work and that's a workout too in my book. I know I am exhausted afterward! haha

Last night I didn't get to do my hip hop abs video. I felt extra tired last night. (NO excuse) Also I made these Pilsbury mini fudge brownie bites and they are 75 calories a piece. So I ate one for dessert. DELICIOUS but I don't want the sweet cravings to come back after weeks of having no problems craving stuff so I only allowed myself the one and I was fine with it.

Have a good one, dearies! toodles!


  1. You're so luckt to know Mary in real life!

    Thanks for the info on the yogurt. I get 12-packs of Chobani at Costco, but it doesn't include pineapple. I'm going to hunt around!

    Looks like you had a fun night!

  2. Just wanted to send out an "ugh" on the stolen bows front. I work for a bank as well but a super cheap one at least when it comes to salaries and decor. So no one here would ever mistake decorations for company bought.

    Even blurry, you look fantastic!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!