Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Gear photos!!!

TGIF, everyone!!! I know I am just driving you all mad with my daily bitch sessions about my weight fluctuating constantly. Believe me, I drive myself insane too.

@Janelle: I know you are right about not taking daily fluctuations to heart. I plan on weighing daily until the new year but I am only recording my weight on Monday's on my ticker. The in between part just sucks.

@AmandaKiska: No honestly the past few months of no changes was my own fault. I was eating absolutely AWFUL, not letting the band work at all, and just basically not giving a shit on and off again. I actually think I am at my sweet spot. When I let the band do its job I get full very quickly and stay full for hours. It's definitely not a portion control problem in the last couple of weeks. I got down to the 170's back in July for about a week and then lost control again and gained it back and I hovered in the 180's ever since. Then a couple of weeks ago I jumped back on the train and have lost 10lbs since then. It just seems like now I am stuck again because I feel like I am doing everything right but my body just won't let go of the lbs.

@Pie: maybe that's what my problem is too. maybe my body just wants to bounce around randomly. But I need to see the decrease at least once a week because I feel like I am really busting ass to lose this weight and it's just not happening. The fluctuation drives me freakin nuts.
P.S. Yes, Alice in Chains is tha shit!

@Tessie: I couldn't survive without at least weighing once a week. I must visibly see improvement! :)

@Drazil: Oh me want, want, want one!!!!  Hope Santa gets my letter this year! ;)

Ok so I don't know if you remember but a while back I posted a photo of me in my white peacoat that I bought. It is a large (made small though) and when I bought it I could get it on but it was very tight in the arms and basically impossible to button! This was the photo I posted when I bought it in October.

Ok so I tried it on again last night and......ta da!!!

The hat and scarf I got as a free gift through ABC online.

It buttons now!!!! woo hoo!

Also, I have a pretty funny NSF, but an NSV none the less. Ok so since I've been with my husband (7 years on Dec 12th) he has always been smaller than me. Throughout the years I have tried to put his jeans on just to be funny, ya know? And I could never get them past mid-thigh (no kidding. he is thin!) He has put my jeans on before just to see if he could and of course, they fit on him loosely. Hell, a couple of them looked better on him than me!!! Anyway I don't know why but last night I had the urge to try again and not only did I get his jeans past my legs I got them zipped and they were loose!!!! Oh my gosh, it was hilarious but awesome! We both laughed about it.

I am wearing my size 7/8 slacks I talked about the other day today! I took a couple of pics in the bathroom at work.

Ok. Menu for today is:

Breakfast: click shake
Lunch: tuna salad and asparagus
Snack: 3 pickles, 1 wedge of Weight Watchers jalapeno cheese, and 1/2 oz of cheddar cheese
Dinner: Most likely going to go eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant today but I can handle it. No biggy. I will probably have either the chicken fajita salad served on lettuce. OR the chicken fajita flameado which is basically some mexican cheese and chicken in a tiny appetizer size dish. Very yummy! We'll see!
Water: 96 ounces
Exercise: Maybe when I get home tonight but it will be late. I am getting my nails and toes done tonight for the weekend! yay!

Oh and on the scale note: I told you how I gained 6 oz yesterday. I weighed this morning and only lost 2 oz. So I am back at 178.4!!! This is the last time I tell about a fluctuation besides Monday's on my official weigh days! I promise!!!!!

Tomorrow night is my work banquet and it's a buffet of seafood and steak. I plan on having a side salad, 1 stuffed crub, 2-3 butterfly shrimp, and a couple bites of steak (if I don't get full). Sounds good to me and a good amount of protein too! I'm sure I will post pictures from the night and I will be all made up and in my dress and my new jewelry to go with it! woo hoo!

Smooches plums and have a great weekend!!!


  1. So cute! Love the white pea coat and hat!

  2. Ok - second picture - could be in a model magazine. Could you be any cuter? Honestly.

  3. You look amazing! That white coat/hat/scarf combo really suits you.

  4. hey! thanks for the look incredible you've done so well

  5. Thanks! Glad you all like it! :)

    I could be cuter, Draz, that's what I'm working on! hehe

  6. It is totally ok to post about your fluctuations, that is what we are here for! I just don't want you to get down on yourself about it, because I know what that feels like. But don't ever feel like you can't post about those annoying fluctuations, it is ok! Have fun at your banquet!

  7. That coat is gorgeous! You're lookin' super hot!


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