Monday, December 6, 2010

Plateau Already???

I am glad you all enjoyed my comparison faceshots from Friday. I do feel better looking at them but I can't help but want to bust my scale with a hammer right now. I seriously am in some stupid funk. I have been hard core following my plan and I have even done a tweek here and there and still NOTHING. So I have started a new scale trend. One day I lose NOTHING, the next day I lose 2 ounces, the next I lose NOTHING, and the 4th day 2 ounces again. WTF?

I figured this up in my head and if I only lose 2 ounces a day, that is 1.4lbs per week, 5.6lbs per month! That means it would take me 5 months just to lose the 28lbs I want to get to my mini-goal of 150. That seems awful slow to me. I know I have wasted like 5 months in plateau-land just skating around eating whatever the hell I wanted but now that I am on the ball and I don't get WTF the problem is. My body is just not reacting this time around like I thought it would. I know you all say slow loss is still a loss but I feel like that's bullshit for me. I feel like with my age, weight, calorie intake, and exercise I have been doing my loss should be steadier and greater than this. Flippin A!

So I have decided that 2 shakes a day plus one small snack and one low carb, high protein meal is just not enough calories. I have only been getting in about 800-900 calories. I have felt very fatigued and nauseous a few times. SOOOO....I have decided to do a shake for breakfast, a small protein for lunch (like greek yogurt and nuts), one good protein snack, and then my same low carb, high protein dinner. I am hoping that this adjustment will make the difference. But who knows at this point!

Also today is my first official Monday weigh-in. I have updated my ticker and will start weighing on Monday's only hopefully allowing me some breathing room in the week and something to look forward to again. It's also terrifying at the same time because I won't know what each day did. Did my tweeks and adjustments and meals each day do damage on the scale or did it do good on the scale???? That is going to drive me crazy for a while.

@Dizzy: You are welcome to jump on at the start of the new year! Commit to it. We've got to stop obsessing with weighing every day.

Figured I'd post today's menu just because:

Breakfast: Peach greek yogurt with 1 tbsp of slivered almonds
Lunch: Click protein shake
Snack: 3 snackmm's mini dill pickles and 3 small slices of mild cheddar cheese (read in a magazine this was actually a decent, filling snack with not too many calories)
Dinner: homemade Chuckwagon Chili (got the recipe from my weight watchers cookbook)
Water: 112oz water
Exercise: Probably about 2 miles on the treadmill sprint/walk intervals and 2 miles on the stationary bike

Hopefully this works and my frustration can take a break.


  1. looks like you are not eating enough...

  2. I agree that you need to up the calories to 1100 to 1200 and make sure you include fat. It was strange that when I did a few days of higher fat and not a lot of carbs, the weight started to go down.

    You'll get there, even if your patience is being tested :-)

  3. totally agree with upping the calories!!

  4. Definitely need more calories, especially when working out. Give your body what it needs to function and it will be easier to lose some weight. With calories that low, you are probably losing muscle mass instead of fat, also. Not good!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!