Thursday, December 2, 2010

Son of a *****! Damn IT!!!

Ok. So as you can see from my hostile title I am not in the best of moods. I have been busting my ass, watching my calories, working out every day, and basically reliving the pre-op diet all over again. I knew this would happen...I knew it! I get to the 170's again FINALLY and then eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerkkkkk (screeching brakes sound). It stops. The weight loss stops. According to my calorie app on my phone I should be losing about 7oz a day with how many and what kind of calories I have been eating as well as the exercise I have been doing and WTF???

First yesterday morning I weighed and gained 6oz and so I was EXTRA strict yesterday and kept my carbs super low and only had about 950 calories and only lost 2oz as of this morning!!!! WTH?????????????

I have processed the thoughts that the weight gain and tiny loss could be blamed on my sudden rejuvenation of exercise. I realize that gaining muscle can lead to a small gain or delay big losses but DAMN IT! Why? I know I shouldn't be obsessed with the number on the scale as long as I see I am getting smaller but it pisses me off. I don't remember having such small losses before on the pre-op diet but I wasn't working out that time either. I hate to be such a damn whiner right now but I can't help it. Little problems/adjustments like this are what cause me to self-sabotage. If I do very well and then all of sudden I stop seeing those same results it makes me wanna give up sooo easily. It just makes me feel like no matter what I do, it's not going to work but for a second. IT SUCKS FREAKIN ASS!

Also, I am worried that I am not getting enough calories in. According to my app for my age, height, and weight I should consume 1150 calories a day to lose 2lbs a week. But I can't seem to fit that much in without adding bad foods. I know alot of you eat less than that and do fine but I am worried I might ruin my metabolism. So you would think if I am eating even less than the 1150 I would lose quicker but NOPE! Not this body here damn it! It's going to be stubborn. I am going to hang with it though. I have to. I am not giving up so easily this time even if I am a little bummed that I had such a small loss the last 2 days. My main motivation is to lose 5 more pounds to get into that new dress I told you about.....the one for my business banquet next weekend! I hope I can get there in a week and a half.

Do you think I should lay off exercise for a while until I lose more??? I don't know what is right. Some people tell me not to worry about exercise until I get close to goal and then just start toning up. And then others tell me I should exercise while losing so that I build my metabolism and keep from becoming flabby and loose skinned. Shit, I don't know what to think. I hate how obsessed I am with all of this.

On a happier note, I got my Christmas tree up last night and am going shopping today on my lunch for more decorations for home. My partner in crime (Jessica) and I have been decorating our department for special holidays and seasons and we have drawers full of decorations now. We put up our Christmas stuff on Monday and it looks great back here. Very festive. Here is a photo of my tree at home. I don't like full sized trees because I don't have the room for them and this is perfect us! Every year at our banquet we get an ornament for Chistmas and they are very nice and each has a different theme and story attached to it. They are collectibles. I have will get my 5th one at this year's banquet. I have my other 4 on the tree.

Anyway that's all I have for today. Hopefully I will see a bigger loss in the morning and perk up a bit.

Question of the day: Where does the weight go overnight?????


  1. Ok, take a deep breath. You are doing great and you are doing all the right things. You are right, why does the scale matter so much when you know and see that you are shrinking...but the scale does matter. I know from my journey that the scale is usually the last to know when things are going well - and is the first to know when things are going wrong.

    So...don't hate the scale. The scale hasn't gotten the memo, that's all.

    As for whether to work out to keep this going...I say you should. Working out causes increase in muscle mass causes increase in weight - you got that already, you said that. It also causes an increase in water retention initially when you start up with working out. And it takes a bit for your body to realize it's all good and to let that water go. So hang in there. Good things are happening.

    I am in that camp that believes we should be working out from the get-go. The sooner you get the working out element established as part of the routine, the better. Endorphines are amazing things...they keep me coming back for more.

    Anywho, hang in there. You are doing well and good things are happening and you will get past this. That I can promise!

    The scale will smile..

  3. I say keep working out. I've heard that building muscle mass helps burn more calories when you do cardio or something like that. This is why so many blogger say to take your measurements because if you can't see it on the scale, you're most likely building msucle (assuming you're doing all you can). You're doing great! Don't get discouraged!

  4. For those who have been overweight and obese, all of those formulas of how much you can eat and how much you should lose have to be adjusted by 25% or more. In other words, if it tells you you'll lose 7 ounces a day, the reality is going to be more like 4 or 5. Having been overweight and obese fucks up the metabolism. Additionally many other factors like hormones and salt intake can affect the small day-to-day losses pretty dramatically. Weekly weigh-ins are a lot more accurate.

    I know it is hard when you are expecting a certain result and don't get it. It happens to me from time to time too and it sucks. I wish I had a good answer for you, but I don't.

  5. Definitely keep working out, it'll happen for you. I suggest a break from the scale, it sure helped me. Love your tree, Merry Christmas!

  6. Come on over to the dark side !! Be not afraid we can add some info

  7. Love the tree. Putting mine up tomorrow and will post a pic. I couldn't lose any weight so I got fed up and had a high fat day. Sausage and eggs, KFC-yes even ate the skin. Dropped 2 pounds overnight. And am slowly dropping about a tenth of a pound each day. Maybe up the calories, especially fat. But the good fat like olive oil, avocados... and maybe just a bite of KFC!

  8. I think the weight goes to Weight Loss Purgatory over night. Rather than to Hell or Heaven. (I was raised Catholic and Purgatory is a very "Catholic" The danger of it going to Purgatory is that it can come back easily!

    Love the comparison pictures on your newer post. You look amazing! Don't get discouraged, as long as the overall trend is downward.


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