Thursday, April 22, 2010

2nd Fill and childhood pics!

So I had my second fill yesterday. It went alot quicker than last time. Although it did freak me out a lil when they were taking my blood pressure and of course, I was chit chatting with the girl and she was like "oh my, are you on blood pressure meds? Cause your BP is high". I was like huh? Redo. This time I didn't talk and of course it went down to like 130/85. Better! Then she asked why I was back for another fill so soon. I'm thinking, I thought you come in when you are HUNGRY 24/7. Doesn't that mean you need a lil sumpin sumpin? She suggested that maybe my stoma pouch was stretched and that if it was then they probably wouldn't give me a fill at all. I shrieked in terror at the thought of no fill. I can keep doing this on my own. Duh! So long story...short(er) they did the barium swallow xray and my pouch was fine and they gave me only .5cc since last time I was sensitive to it. I now have a grand total of 5.8cc in good ol' Lexi (band name) and I am hoping this makes a difference. I was on liquids all day yesterday, today, and then tomorrow I can have softies and by Saturday I am back to normal and I plan on having a delicious STEAK!!!! oh yes, I can't wait! Miraculously I weighed 190.2 yesterday morning on my scale (naked) and then weighed at the docs and was still 190.2 (with clothes...hehe). So I weighed this morning and what do ya know, I was down to 188.2! hahaha WTH? Oh well water weight is still weight. I am happy with that for now. I just have to stick to the "no refined carbs" method this time. I am gonna try my damndest!

So as most of you know Mary and I are besties. We have been BFF since we were 8 years old and we met in 3rd grade. I wanted to share with you all, a picture from the good ol' days (hehe).
October 1994-It was Halloween and our costumes were homemade.
Little did my granny know, we were calling ourselves Hookers! haha
You can't tell very well but she has on a blue silky dress and red tights
And I have on daisy duke shorts and these metallic white tights.
We were da bomb!

This is me (about 4 or 5) See how tiny I was??? Those were the days!

Me again, fishing at a pond w/ my Gran and Paw (about 12 or 13...maybe)
I miss those skinny's funny at the time I felt fat. Now I look back and
would give anything to be that size again. Gosh!

Bring on the softies tomorrow!!!! yay!


  1. Great job on the weight loss! Glad you got your fill!!

  2. Way to go on losing that weight!

    That's so awesome that your still best-friends with someone you've known for so long. Friends like that are hard to come by.

  3. Hello~
    I started reading your blog last night from the 1st one and so far I am at this one, I wanna finish all your entries before I move on to the next blog, that way I know the whole dealio :)
    I am in the process of getting the band, hoping for a late June early July date.
    My question is this: On the binder I got from my doctor it says no red meat until a year has passed, but here you mention steak, so is it ok to eat it so soon? What did your doctor say about that?
    Sorry just trying to learn all I can before I go thru this process.
    Thank you!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!