Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ok. First off, I just wanted to say how super dooper excited I am about one lil thing...I weighed this morning (unofficial day) and I am at 185!!!!! This is the lowest I have been through this entire process! yipee! I got down to 186 a few weeks ago but it only lasted a day and went back up to 190. I was scared yesterday that it would do that again, but nope it went down a tad. yay for me!

Now, to the real reason for this post. As you can see from the title ^^^^I would like to talk about fish. I have always despised fish and go "blak" when I think about it or smell it. The only fish I have ever enjoyed is tuna. I eat that regularly with mayo/mustard and pickles. But as far as cooked fish I just don't know. Well I know how healthy and nutritious fish is and I would like to try to teach myself to eat it without vomiting during/after. I need some cooking tips for fish. Like what do you add to your fishies when you cook them to bring out flavor????? Also what is your favorite kind of fish???? I have always heard that mahi mahi and tilapia are not fishy fish. Is this true??? I have bought single wrapped tilapia a few times to try and end up letting them sit in my freezer until they expire and then they get to stink up my trash can! Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Ta ta! Oh...and BTW thanks for all the congrats I got from yesterday's post!


  1. fish...hmmm...i actually tend to not like the unfishy fishes because I can't stand the texture much and with no flavor, it's not worth it. My mom ALWAYS served me those kinds as a kid and I hated it. But, and because I like tuna, someone pointed me in this direction, once I switched to the fishy fishes (most importantly salmon) and I learned the difference between fresh and spoiling, well, now I love love love fish. So do you like salmon? Have you tried it?

    I love salmon (or even some of the lighter fishes) with a garlic-dill-butter sauce. That makes the world of difference.

    And the other thing I can say is make sure it's cooked all the way. Nothing worse than fish not cooked enough. The texture should be flaky and solid, not squishy.

  2. Oh man, I have converted my husband and kids into fish lovers! Great slider food with a big punch of protein! Fresh Halibut, Salmon, Sea Bass, etc...
    The best way to start is to coat it with bread or panko crumbs, bake and then use a tartar sauce when eating. Trust me, you will learn to love it!

  3. Im right there with you on the fish! I do not like it!
    BUT I do like Mahi Mahi, aka dolphin. Its not fishy at all in my opinion.

    When I was a kid we used to go deep sea fishing all the time, as I live in south florida. Dolphin fishing mostly. My mom would also try to get me to eat it but I was like NO WAY!
    Until one day, she tricked me! She grilled it up with some chicken and told me it was chicken. I couldn't even tell the difference!!

    So low and behold, I like it. I like my grilled with some seasonings. I like it with alittle tarter & freshly squeezed lemon.

    There you have it! Good luck!

  4. Ick! Dolphin??? I didn't know that's what mahi mahi was! Dang! (snaps fingers)

    Nella: I think your approach sounds a lil appetizing with the whole baked and breaded with tartar. I don't dislike seafood. I LOVE shrimp and calamari and crawfish. But that's about it. I will have to give it a try. What's a safe starter fish? Flounder?

  5. Nooo not dolphin like Flipper. lol
    It is a fish, its called a Bull Dolphin.

    This is what it looks like:

  6. Im not a fish eater either so the only one I will eat is Tilapia. I like mine baked with a little mrs. dash seasoning, a little salt or seasoning salt, some lemon pepper (or fresh lemon, and a little olive oil or if i've been really good 1 tbs of butter. As long as i can put enough seasonings on it to drown out the fish taste i'm good. I"ve even sprinkled some parmesean cheese on top and baked it to a crisp and it was delish!!

  7. Mmmm that picture is making me hungry lol! I learned today from my fill doctor that scallops have like no calories... do you like scallops?? I love them! Something a little different to try if you haven't.

  8. My favourite is salmon-there's a recipe on the grits, greens... blog http://gritsgreensandeverythinginbetween.blogspot.com/2010/04/salmon-with-spiced-citrus-yogurt-sauce.html .

    For white fish, I like halibut. Fresh is best if you can get it and it shouldn't be fishy smelling. I do a quick fry in a pan with about a 1/2 tsp of olive oil and 1/2 tsp of butter then sprinkle on some Mrs. Dash. You can also add lots of fish to soups. Google chowders and see what you get.

  9. I bake tilapia with butter, fresh dill and slices of lemon. I also make a sauce with butter, lemon juice and capers for tilapia alot. I hope you find a recipe that you like, fish is so lean and a great source of protein. Oh and there is a great tuna salad recipe at www.gritsgreensandeverythinginbetween.blogspot.com

  10. I'm not a big fish eater. Mayber rather, I'm not a big fish cooker. I think I would eat them more if I had a chef at home that would cook for me! A girl can dream.
    My problem is eggs. I cannot eat an egg in any shape, form, or fasion. I have to cook them daily for my daughter.....but the smell of an egg. YUCK!

  11. Thanks for all the answers ladies! Super helpful. I have a cheat day coming up this weekend since I have been so very good this week and eating well that I might take ya'lls advice and try a fish dish at Olive Garden. I haven't been there since way before surgery and it's one of my favorite restaurants. I know they have a scallop plate and I would like to try that for sure....To answer Janelle, no I have never had scallops but am willing to try anything once. Also, Mckayla, I am so very glad it's not really dolphin! hehe Thanks to the rest of you for your ideas I can't wait to try them out!


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