Monday, April 19, 2010

Death to Snooky!

So, guess what time it is, Tool Time? No not really. Today is weigh day and you can't see it...but I am wearing a frown that CAN'T turn upside down. As I figured the scale hates my guts and mocked me by moving UP instead of down. I know it's my own fault. Damn Mexican food! I don't know if you can quite imagine the look on my face as I stepped on that dreaded thing and saw the 90's again!!!!! Looked a little something like this:
Yeah my hair turned blue too. Crazy. And then I felt that knot in my stomach (oh that would be my heart falling out of my chest cavity in shear disappointment). Oh my goodness. I can't wait for the upcoming fill on Wednesday. I can't wait!!! I hope it does some good because the last fill did NOTHING! It lasted literally a day and then nothing. I can eat just as much as before, although I have been saving all of my calories for one main meal a day. The problem is that during that one main meal I end up consuming more than I would during 3 meals put together. I just CRAVE everything. Then I want snacks, snacks, and more snacks and it's like no one snack satisfies me. I want them all. A taste of everything. I am trying to keep it at bay but dang, it's really hard as most of you know first hand. I am just absolutely terified that I will gain back all of the weight I have lost so far. I told the hubby today that very thing and he reassures me I won't but then I always told myself I would never get to 200lbs and over that line I went. I am just scared that I could fail this thing and then everyone will know how weak I am and how little will power I have.

Come on Wednesday, get here fast!


  1. Jess if I'm wrong about what you said about saving all your calories for one meal please correct me. However, if I read that correct, I think that may be your problem.

    I am no expert but one of the things my doctor told me specifically NOT to do was skip meals and try to spread the protein out throughout the day so as not to have blood sugar drops which will lead to over-eating.

    Please talk to your own doctor on Wednesday...maybe he can help you. In any event, hang in their will get restriction!

  2. Guuuurl...You need to eat at least 3 times a day. I do 2 meals and a snack. (I can't eat beofore 11am.)
    Your body is telling you something: "It No Likey" :)

  3. hey crazy girl!! You need to eat more! Just make good choices-easier said than done, but you need to eat!

  4. I ain't gonna tell you anymore it is "DEATH TO SMOOCHY". OK and yes Wednesday come on. I am ready.

  5. yeah, yeah I eat eat! Dang!


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