Friday, April 23, 2010

Random food post

Thanks for the comments from yesterday's post ladies! Very sweet! And yes Mary and I are very lucky to have found each other and held on for dear life over the last 16 years. Very lucky! Oh..and we love ya too Drazil! :)

So I don't have any explosive news or cute pictures today, unfortunately. But I thought I would brag about my not cheating on the post fill diet. As for the day of the fill and yesterday I stuck strictly to liquids only and today is soft food and I have stuck to it with one tiny tiny cheat. The bank bought a bday cake for one of our co-workers and today at lunch after eating my chicken salad and 3 small dill pickles I had a sliver (no literally it was like barely one bite) of cake. I actually took tiny bites so that it would seem like I got a whole piece but I am not even going to count it, it was sooo small. I was very proud of myself. I am hoping this new found will power will stick for good .

Funny: I just found out that there is a tear in the shirt I am wearing behind the arm and my co-worker pointed it out. Hell, she probably thinks that my arms are too big for the shirt and  it ripped!!! haha actually I think I remember from a while back leaning against a nail that was protruding out somewhere and it ripped this shirt. I forgot all about it and now I have been walking around exposed! Good times!


  1. No explosive news = good. You know what explosive news means - it means Explosive Man is nearby and nobody wants that! And you little sleeze - letting it all hang

  2. Oh and are you and Mary coming to Chicago? And where is your BYOC? HAHA

  3. congrats on not cheating! so tough to do, *pats on back*


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