Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another face shot...gotta love me!

Hi peeps! Ok first off Thanks for the comments, as usual! Sandy Lee-No I didn't eat the whole tray of crawfish. In fact I actually probably ate only one or 2 tails. I don't really like crawfish plain dipped in butter like most people. I don't really eat it unless it is in a dish like etoufee or gumbo or something. But, funny thing, I do enjoy peeling them and I am very good at it and fast. So I will sit with a tray and gloves and peel all of them and then Mary and my hubby will share them. Less for them to peel and they love me for it! :) I know I am the greatest! Tessie- I am so jealous. I love Louisiana cuisine and you get to eat it all the time.

Now on to today. I, again, don't have much of anything to chat about. But as you can see by the title of this post^^^^ I have taken ANOTHER face shot today and thought I would post it. In fact, I like it soooo much that I am changing my profile pic, AGAIN! :) I know I know, I have too much time on my hands. So here it is:

Oh yeah and BTW! This is for Amy W. although she may not read this post, hahaha...I am also a big fan of Sunkist and guess what? I had my first one in over 2 months...YESTERDAY!!! And it was to die for! Ode, to the sweet citrusy nectar of Sunkist! I must control myself and have only one every now and then but it was a pleasure!


  1. LOVE this picture! You look so innocent and I know you're not. LOL
    Are you coming to Chicago with Mary to see all of us???? Please???

  2. You know Drazil that is funny you say that, because Mary says the same thing to everyone. They are always saying how innocent I look and she tells them I am the devil! hahaha I would absolutely LOVE to come to Chicago. It's a money issue though and work could be an issue as well. But I will think about it!

  3. You are too cute! (No, I'm serious - QUIT IT)
    Just kidding.

    I hope you can come and bring Mary!! It has to work out - we all have to meet. I'm not eating any crawfish though!

  4. I came back just to look at your picture again. I'm gonna stalk you now. You and Mary can split the cost AND no vacation days needed - it's a weekend!!!! Do it - or the homies will hunt you down. You must come - we will miss you and Mary if you don't! And I'll cry the whole time....guilt trip enough for you?

  5. Oh I am used to having stalkers. There's just something about me! haha oh you guys, I will talk to Mary and we shall see!!! :)

  6. Yeah, you know you aren't that innocent. I am telling everyone people in school would always say that I was the beotch and she was the sweet and innocent one. I was like no that's a facade. She just wants you to think she is that way. Just like the praying mantis right before it bites the head off the male. Hee Hee oh and yes we do love you for peeling the crawfish.

  7. Pic is wonderful. I can't believe what a great friend/wife you are to peel their supper. That's true love.


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