Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Per Request

Ok I am posting the following photo per Mary's request. She sent it to me and thought I should put it on my blog. Please note that it is from 2007 and my hair is no longer skunk black and poopy chocolate tie-dye. FYI. Anyhoo...she thinks it is a good pic (I think it's awful) but the funny part is that obviously we are peeling crawfish but her and I always use gloves and everyone makes fun of us. They say that the whole point is to be able to suck the juices off of your fingers while you eat crawfish and that gives it the flavor, but they aren't laughing so hard when those succulent juices get down in the cuts the crawfish make from their spiky bodies and they are running around screaming and fire is blowing out of their fingertips!!! haha people haha....anyway here it is Don't laugh too hard.


  1. Yummy, I haven't had crawfish this season yet, but I'm having a boil this weekend! Cute pic, my best friend used to do the gloves thing...they slow me down.

  2. Did you eat that whole box/plate/tray? You sort of look like Dr. Oz with the blue gloves handling body parts.

  3. I've never had crawfish. In fact I had never heard of it until a my neighbour moved here from New Orleans about 3 years ago. As for the gloves they totally remind me of work! At least they're a nice purple colour, right now I've got some pretty flashy pink ones for work :)

  4. OMG - I have seen pics of entire picnic tables laden with crawfish and people eating - no forks, no plates - nothing.....and now they are all my family. Visiting Louisiana for the first time this year - what a trip it will be...maybe I'll have pics like this to share.

  5. Thanks bestie for using the pic. That is what I'm going to look like tonight. Can't wait. Love crawfish.!!!!!

  6. I had my surgery on the same day...
    19lbs - that is awesome! I am at 18lb loss!
    Hard ass work but seeing the results always helps!
    Looking good!


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