Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Intense thoughts...Part Deaux...oh! and Yummy Spaghetti Squash

Well first off thanks for the comments to yesterday's post everyone! Yes that is a good topic in my eyes because it just goes to show how often we judge and don't even realize it or have been judged by others for doing something good for ourselves. And I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of that too. I still remember in high school when the BFF wanted the gastric bypass and was in the early stages of getting things started and I cried to her over it. I told her I didn't want her to do it and I was completely positive that she was being a lazy bum by trying to do it. Back then, I was overweight too (probably 160ish) but she was in the 200's and had been for a while. I think really I was more worried that she was going to change as a person because I never really knew her thin (still don't, but she is on her way, Go MaRE!) What would I do without my fluffy friend? But now that I am older and fluffier myself I get it! I get it and I feel crappy for being a crappy crap friend back then when she needed support. Obviously she wasn't approved for the surgery but still. I shoulda been like "yeah, kid, you can do this!" and instead I was selfish and like "No, lazy bones, just diet and exerise!"....words I have come to despise. When people say that to me it makes me wish I had laser eyes like the dude from X-men and I could just burn their lips off as the worlds roll out of their mouth....ouchy! Anyhoo....we are all in the weight loss boat together peeps! Let's enjoy the ride and hope there's no sea sickness along the way....right? RIGHT!!!

Yay now onto yummins! Mary had a bright idea to try and make the Spaghetti that Amy W. shared in one of her posts not long ago. So she bought the stuff and rolled over to mi casa last night and we made it. I can honestly say how interesting it was to watch the BF scrape the squash with a fork and see it look like yellow spaghetti! Too neat!!!! We felt special! :) It was very simple to make and very tasty! The hubby came home and I told him that it was squash and he was like (cue country accent) "no, I ain't eatin' no squash. I hate squash" but of course I made him try it anyway and he really like it and ate a huge plate of it and wanted more, but I wouldn't let him cause I brought the left overs for our lunch today. Pictures below.
Here's Mary scrapin the squash..see the noodle effect? Neato.

Me, stirring the meat and sauce and cheese

Voila! The masterpiece is finished! Yum!
(Yes that is really at my house, not from a magazine!haha)

Anyhoo...Thanks Amy W. for the super yum recipe and have a good day everyone!


  1. You guys are so damn cute! Wasnt it the coolest thing? I have never even squash before! I am glad you guys and hubby liked it! GOOOOOO HEALTHY FOOD!

  2. Thanks Amy! We try.. :) I am going to make it again tomorrow but use ricotta cheese this time and see the difference!


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