Friday, April 2, 2010

First Fill!

Hola people! Well I don't have much time to chit chat but I wanted to post about my first fill experience today. I went and found out that the doc actually put in 4.8cc during surgery!!!! Crazy huh? Who knew? So they did the barium swallow to see how my restriction was...and the NP was like "oh yeah you definitely need a fill!" The nasty chalky liquid just flew through the band! So I laid on the table and she showed me where my port was...I thought it was somewhere else (scar tissue) and then she stuck the needle in. I felt nothing! She started with 1cc and did another barium swallow and unfortunately nothing was getting through the she took a lil bit out and I did another swallow test and still too full! Dang! So finally she went down to .5cc and that still was a lil iffy and she said that I obviously am very sensitive to the fills because my stomach was already irritated and swollen. Sooo they sent me out into the hall to sip on water for 10 min and then brought me back and did one more swallow test and BAM booM YEAH that was that. She took the needle out and sent me on my way. I then saw the good ol' doc for my followup and all was well. He commented that my hernia that he repaired was very large and he actually had to do stitches on both sides of the diaphragm which is rather uncommon so he said. He said I was probably born with it! Who knew? I must do 2 days of liquids and 1 day of soft food before going back to normal! Dang...cuz I am HUNGRY! All I ate today was 1 cup of hot green tea, an Atkins shake, and a Lipton instant soup broth thingy and water and I can feel my stomach has turned cannibal on itself! Rumble Rumble Rumble! But I think this fill will work for a bit. They said I might need to come back for another every 2-3 weeks and that I will just have to get small fills each time since I am so sensitive to it!

That's plus is my BFF Mary is going to Olive Garden tonight and she is going to bring me back some Zuppa toscana to sip on! YUMMY! :)

Hope everyone has a very happy Easter Weekend! tata for now


  1. My mom had a hernia also and is very sensitive to fills. Our doctor said for some reason, people who have the hernias repaired during surgery are usually super sensitive to fills, and she doesn't know why, it just seems to be the case! So that might be one of the reasons you are sensitive.

    I had my fill yesterday and was on only clear liquids and was STARVING.. it was an awful day!

  2. Sounds like you had a great first fill! I hate the whole liquids thing. Thanfully its not for too long!

  3. Yes thank goodness it's not for too long!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!