Monday, April 26, 2010

By George, I think I've got it!

Monday again, bluh bluh! I am super stoked right now for the simple fact that I actually have RESTRICTION!!!! Yay. I feel like it's been the first time since surgery that I have felt that. Since Friday was supposed to be a soft food day, Mary and I went to a BBQ place and got us baked potatos. Now, I know the carb factor is a negative but the potato was soft and the stuff on it was soft so it worked. :) hehe we are sitting there trying not to scarf it down (so used to eating fast) and we got about 1/3 done and I was full! Now usually I could have eaten that entire thing and still been hungry. So we saved the left overs for later. I ended up finishing mine Friday night, but guess what????? It took hours to finish it. I literally ate 1/3 of it and then ate the last 1/3 of it a couple hours later. So 3 different sittings it took because I felt full! This is a major accomplishment to me! Small but BIG, ya know?

Saturday, I ate good all day. protein bar for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and a steak and brussel sprouts for dinner. But then we went over to my Mom's that night and I didn't do so bad. She had 1/2 a loaf of jalapeno cheddar bread (my FAV) and I resisted tempation for a while but they made burgers that I didn't want so I got really hungry after hours of smelling food so I took a tiny bite of the bread. And then I took 4 more bites and put it up. At that point every time I passed the kitchen table I would tear off a piece and eat it as I walked away until finally there was only a small piece of bread left! :*( Bad me...bad, bad, bad. Oh well. I just continued drinking plenty of water. Then Sunday, I did really good. I ate a protein bar for breakfast and wasn't hungry all day. Finally around 3pm I realized I hadn't eaten since breakfast so I asked the hubby what he wanted for dinner and of course, he wanted Mexican food. So I thought, ok I can do this, I will just order one taco and some beans. Well the girl misunderstood me and gave me a cheese enchilada too with my taco and beans and I, being raised not to waste food, ate it all! :) It was less than I usually do and I didn't touch the chips and salsa but I still ate the damn cheese enchilada! dang! So later on, for dessert, I had 3 fig newton cookies. I love those things....And again I drank tons of water....and guess what??????

Today is weigh day and I am down to 186.0lbs!!!! Which means I lost 4 lbs since my fill on Wednesday. Pretty dang good considering my food choices weren't as good as they could have been! Yay!!! Now it's just a count down til we join the new gym in town this weekend.


  1. 4lbs is awesome! You are almost in the 170's!!

  2. waaaaaa....I was so close to 186. FOOOEY!

    I am so happy though that you might have found your restriction! Man...the band gets so damn exciting when that happens!

    Congrats girlie!

  3. I can't wait for RESTRICTION!! My first fill is Thursday, but my Dr told me that for the first few months, she wants me to get as many fills as possible to reach that feeling. Can't wait to get started on that! Congrats on the 4lbs!

  4. Woo Hoo for restriction and weight loss!

  5. restriction is great once it comes...congrats

  6. Wow thanks for the comments everyone! :) I am very happy!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!