Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just another day

Well I don't really have anything remotely interesting to say. So I decided to post a pic of the micro mini pig. Mary and some friends were talking about them a couple weeks ago and I have seen them before and think they are just adorable! Dog the Bounty Hunter has a mini piglet and he is just the cutest lil thing. He sleeps in one of those rubbermaid plastic carrying bins with blankets and Dog will call him and he just jumps right out and goes to the kitchen to find Dog and they feed him a bottle and he is soooo cute. Dog goes and hides and the piglet can find him anywhere by his scent. And he even uses a litterbox. They say pigs are smarter than dogs. How sweet!

I made stroganoff in the crockpot last night and am serving it over brown rice for dinner tonight. I hope it turns out yummy! I know this morning when I stirred it, it smelled delish.



  1. Hey girl--just read your comment on my blog post: Stuff Fat people Like. Your post a couple of days ago was really what got me thinking about the whole thing--I just couldn't remember where I read it!lol. I added a link to your post. Thanks!


  2. sounds good! I love little piggies. Ever since I saw Charlotte's Web. I was doomed.

  3. Yw Keelie! I am glad I inspired your post! That's awesome!

  4. Um okay - now I'm mad at you. Why did you have to show me this pig? It is not a pig - that's a handle of cuteness right there and I want one now. Go buy me one. It's your fault I want one. LOL

  5. Yeah I remember that discussion and I told you to get yourself one. They are only like 2 thousand dollars, but aren't they worth it. :)

  6. Mmmm...tiny pork chops. :-)

    (Sorry. That is so wrong, but I thought it was funny. The little bugger really is adorable and I have a thing for mini-animals. I desperately want a miniature pony. He will live in my house, poo in a litterbox, and will be named Mittens...but I digress.)


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!