Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dream a little Dream...of Clothes???

Hi people! Happy Thursday....So I decided to stop whining and complaining about people. Stay positive, Jess, positive I say!

First off, I would like to tell you about my glorious dream I had last night (hopefully it's more like a premonition of the future! yup!) Well it was really long but I only remember bits and pieces (every since we moved in this place my dreams seem to last hours, it's weird). sum it up I am walking around in this kick ass clothing store and the cutest things are surrounding me. One of those places where if ya could you would buy 2 of everything. Metallic like skirts and halter tops of all colors..pinks, purples, blues! So pretty. Ever seen the movie Romy and Michele's High School Reunion? (see below) Well yeah like that!
All I know is that I was shopping like crazy trying on tops and jeans and I was like a size 6 and was super blammin hott and it was great! Is this dream a glimpse of what my future holds for me? I hope so......                                                           And these are the days of our lives (cue soap opera music)
Now back to reality. So I don't have to much to chit chat about but yesterday made 6 weeks post op for me so here is my incision progress:


Also, I decided to put of a few pre-band face shots and one from today as a comparison and I am too lazy right now to do a side by side in paint soooo sorry you will just have to scroll up and down and up and down to see the difference. And I will post some full body side by sides soon. I know the face doesn't show much! :)
I hate my hair up, it always makes my round cheeks even rounder

This one is kinda fuzzy, sorry I took a picture of a picture!

 I took this at my desk this morning. I was actually very surprised at the thinning
of my face. I have always been hesitant to smile showing teeth because of the
whole chipmunk effect thanks to my naturally plump cheeks. But there's finally
some definition in the cheek area now! How exciting! Now it's just time to
work on the double chin! (exhibit B: Face shot # 2 above) EEEK!!!! And
yes the double chin still exists. Why isn't it in this photo you say? Well
that's because Jessica has mastered the art of anti-double-chin illusions. hehe

That's all folks!!!!! :)


  1. I can definitely see a difference. You look great.

  2. Love the pics! Only 6wks out and you're doing great!!

  3. I can see a big difference in your face...great cheekbones!! That dream will be coming true!

  4. Those are not chubby cheeks - I am the queen of chubby cheecks! Big difference in the pics!


Thanks for the comment! Appreciate it!