Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just out of Curiosity...yeah it's a question for everyone!

I hate to make double posting a daily habit (haha) but I am just curious.....

How long do you blog each day (including new posts and commenting on others posts)????????

EACH DAY! Like how many minutes/hours a day to you all blog?


Yes, curious....

Thanks in advance for answering!


  1. ALL DAY LONG. It scares me, too, actually. Right now, the work I'm doing, I can keep blogger open and read new blogs and keep caught up on those I'm caught up with. But I know that someday I will go back to working at work and I won't have the time for this.

    Not only do I have blogger open all day long but I check in at home, too, probably 3-4 evenings a week.

  2. Umm...way too much! lol - I have it open all day during the day. I'm usually not on at night or on the weekends so I make up with it during the day.

  3. I would hate to know! I check it on and off all day. If I actually totalled it up it would proabably freak me out!!

  4. Um yeah...all day. I would say total...AT LEAST 3 hours a day!

  5. Um waaayyy too much! It's like meth to me - I tell myself - now today you are not going to blog or read blogs - you will work - and then yah - I blog 50 an addict. It's okay though - Amy W said she'd let me shack up with her and give me a job if I get fired.

  6. Ooh and how come you're asking? Did you get busted blogging too much? LOL

  7. I have my blogger up 24/7 actually. So when I get a chance during the day, I try to check in.

    If I am actually caught up with everyone's blogs (which I am totally behind on), then I can get by with just about 2-3 hours a day!!

    If not, it can take longer. But this is partly due to the amount of blogs that I follow!! Just reading the current days posts, can take hours if I am trying to comment on them as well!

    Which is why I don't always comment, but I do try to at least read them.

    So, like Drazil, this is like meth to me too!!

  8. yeah wayyy too much!! luckily (for my blogger habit) i don't work so i have enough free time :-) don't know what i'll do when (if!) i actually get a job!

  9. I don't have much time during the day usually but at night after my kids are in bed, I read blogs for probably two hours, sometimes longer. I try to respond as much as possible but that also depends on my job since a lot of time I have to work after the kids are in bed too. ;o)


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